something dark is living down in my heart

Vegetarian. Health enthusiast. Proud Bengal cat mama.


Kitty Stud Earrings

Keep a furry friend with you wherever you go. These cute earrings resemble a kitty hanging from your ear lobe. Available in black, silver, and several other colors. Sold on Etsy.


Reclaimed Lightbulb Terrarium

Inside of this reclaimed lightbulb lies sand, seashells, assorted pebbles, and marimo, otherwise known as Japanese moss balls. Marimo, a prized plant in Japan, is grown underwater and requires only low light and water to thrive. Rests on a driftwood base. Sold on Etsy.


I feel like I’m never going to be doing doing shit to my house.

Been eating like shiiit and it’s making me feel like shit. Need to make a better effort to eat healthy this week. It’s hard when you have 0 time.


Galaxy Print High-Waisted Bikini

Made from a high-quality spandex blend, these bikini bottoms will surely attract otherworldly attention. Printed throughout the entire surface is a photorealistic resemblance of a galaxy. Sold on Etsy.

E v e r y t h i n g h u r t s.

You guys I bought a house today.

Holy shit.

Definitely figured that Terminus was too good to be true - the cannibal thing makes sense, though. I still want to know where Beth is. This was actually an okay season cliffhanger - enough that I want to continue watching, but not enough to drive me crazy with questions. Also, I really like how they are developing Michonne’s character. She is probably my favorite now.

At least GoT starts next week!

Active day in 2014: 24/200. 2.5 mile dog walk. A little faster today!

Active day in 2014: 24/200. 2.5 mile dog walk. A little faster today!